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Eucharistic Hermeneutics: The New Testament in Context

Dr. Richard DeClue

The Eucharist

Msgr. Paul McPartlan advocates for “Eucharistic hermeneutics” to see that the Eucharist offers a key to unlock the meaning of the Scriptures.

Against Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Physician’s Letter to His Legislator

Dr. Tod Worner

empty hospital bed

If we forget the fundamental, uncompromising, and ineradicable value intrinsic to human life, can we still call ourselves physicians?

Being Above and Beyond Yourself

Dr. Richard Clements

two people holding hands

“Being for” others—to live for others rather than oneself—aligns us with the essence of divine Being, and with that, the fullness of life.

New Thinking Ain’t Always New (or Better)

Dr. Tod Worner

An open book on a table

The cutting edge of time does not mean the cutting edge of wisdom. Those offering new thinking should do so with a healthy dose of humility.

Pro-Life Christians: Now Is the Time to Shout from the Rooftops

Bishop Robert Barron

Pro-lifers standing together with a banner

Believers have been cowed into silence by the insinuation that religion is “private.” We must raise our voices against the culture of death.

When Feelings Don’t Care About Facts: Remembering Roe

Kody W. Cooper

hands cradling a tiny baby's feet

On this fifty-first anniversary of the ghastly decision in 1973, let "Roe" be a byword for the jurisprudence of feelings over facts.

5 Recommended Reads for the New Year

Dr. Holly Ordway

Books resting on a windowsill

Reading worthwhile books is very good thing to do for one’s intellectual, imaginative, and spiritual health. Here are five books I recommend.

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson on the Bible 

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

Jordan Peterson with atheist Sam Harris

In a recent video, among the most important differences between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris is a fundamental disagreement about the Bible.

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