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Meet UK Program Director Brenden Thompson

Caroline Foreman

Brenden Thompson

Caroline spoke with UK Program Director Brenden Thompson to learn more about his mission to deepen Word on Fire’s engagement and its service to the Church in the UK.

Community, Solidarity, and the Disabled

Mark Bradford

There is a resolution to loneliness. Community! But it is not so easy for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A Stark Warning: “Lord of the World”

Robert Hugh Benson

A church in ruins

A stark warning of the dangers of secular humanism, "Lord of the World" chronicles the rise of the Antichrist in a dystopian future.

The God-Opposed World Bears No Fruit

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

A barren and dying tree

Where is God in the world today? There, you will find the Spirit building and rebuilding the true kingdom amidst the ruins of human conceit. 

What Does Science Really Say About the Existence of God?

Pat Flynn

God is required for science to count as a genuine source of knowledge. God's existence is strongly confirmed by knowledge science has given.

Tolkien’s Words and Worlds: A Landmark Conference

Dr. Holly Ordway

It was clear from the entire Tolkien's Words and Worlds conference in Oxford that these are very exciting days for Tolkien scholarship.

A Door in the Wall

Haley Stewart

scene from A Door in the Wall

Retreat from the world with a good story to gain a clearer vision. Through the door in the wall, we recognize the reality of God’s goodness.

The Gift of Presence: St. Mother Teresa’s Example for Life 

Jacob Heidel

Painting of St. Mother Teresa

Let us learn from St. Mother Teresa and strive to be present to each soul placed before us with the same love and attention the Lord shows us.

A Catholic Appreciation of “Myst”

Emma Rose Robinson

Scene from the game Myst

The video game Myst offers a wondrous depiction of the world—a good inoculation against cynicism and a corrective for rediscovering wonder.

Tolkien’s Faith and the Foundations of Middle-earth

Dr. Holly Ordway

Tolkien books stacked

To fully understand and appreciate Tolkien’s writing, we need to understand what he himself identified as central to his identity: his faith.