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The “Wild and Perilous” Catholic Balance on the Environment

Colin Smith

hands holding loose dirt

We can embrace and witness to the “perilous balance” of environmentalism and utilitarianism in the reasonable, Catholic position.

Would Extraterrestrial Intelligence Disprove Christianity?

Dr. Richard DeClue

Alien Spaceship

The escalation in government and media coverage of the issue of UAPs has led some to perceive it as an existential threat to Christianity.

The 3 Countercultural Promises of a Priest

Bishop Robert Barron

Ordination scene

There are three great promises that a man makes at his ordination, and each one of them is a marvelous countersign to our culture today.

If 2+2=4, Then God Exists

Dr. Christopher Kaczor


2+2=4 is a timeless reality and an unchanging truth, so it cannot depend upon minds like ours that come into and go out of existence.

AI Relationships, Screen Time, and Loneliness

Thomas Griffin

Digi AI girlfriend

We all desire to love and be loved. We were made for it. But the advancement of AI relationships and time on screens is counterproductive.

Capturing a Misfit: A Review of “Wildcat”

Fr. Damian Ference

Scene from Wildcat of Maya Hawke reading

In the film "Wildcat," Maya Hawke captures the raw, desperate, and holy desire of Flannery O’Connor to both serve God and be a great writer.

The Infinite Dignity of the Disabled

Mark Bradford

Man pushing a boy in a wheelchair

There may be no other magisterial document as thorough in its defense of the dignity of those with disabilities than Dignitas Infinita.

Dignitas Infinita: What’s the Gist?

Dr. Richard DeClue

St. Peters Basilica

Dignitas Infinita urges that respect for human dignity beyond all circumstances be at the center of the commitment to the common good and of every legal system.

Author Sarah Law on St. Thérèse, Literature, and the Sacred

Thomas J. Salerno

Beautiful English roses

Author Sarah Law joined Thomas Salerno to discuss her novel, "Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven," St. Thérèse, and Catholic fiction today.

4 Takeaways for Us Today from St. Catherine of Siena

Angela Jendro

St. Catherine of Siena

For guidance on how to live as a disciple of Christ in our strange times, look to St. Catherine of Siena. Here are 4 takeaways for us today.