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The Way of Achievement

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

Smiling woman

We are called to pursue meaningful achievements and avoid greed and social comparison, which distract us from discovering where true happiness is found.

The Synod on Synodality, Part 3: “Concerns Surrounding the German Synodal Way”

Dr. Richard DeClue

the Berlin cathedral

If you are worried about the German Synodal Way, you are not alone. Bishops from around the world and even Pope Francis share your concerns.

Background: The Theology of Robert Barron

Matthew Levering

Matthew Levering's "The Theology of Robert Barron" (Word on Fire Publishing) explores the key sources of Bishop Barron’s theological vision.

If You Read One Book This Year, Make it Augustine’s “Confessions”

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

St. Augustine with the Sacred Heart

With a focus on what matters most in life, St. Augustine's "Confessions" might be just what we need to spark a blazing fire of love in us.

Ditch Disney for Ghibli

Kody W. Cooper

Audiences are looking elsewhere for kid content that is not hostile toward traditional family values. They can look to Studio Ghibli.

Back to School: The Struggle for Inclusive Education

Mark Bradford

Student with disability talking with fellow classmate

The only way the number of inclusive Catholic schools will grow is if we’re insistent that the Church grow outward to provide for people with disabilities.

Evangelizing “Lapsed Atheists”

Dr. Richard Clements

Church ceiling

Konstantin Kisin’s reflection on his transition to “lapsed atheism” offers important topics to raise in discussing Faith with nonbelievers. 

When Did “Conversion” Become a Dirty Word?

Bishop Robert Barron

Image of the conversion of Mary Magdalene

Austen Ivereigh misunderstands. Apart from a real conversion to the Church, people will have, at best, a fragmented sense of who Jesus is.

The Synod on Synodality, Part 2: “Process and Purpose”

Dr. Richard DeClue

St. Peter's Square

The purpose of the Synod on Synodality is for bishops and the Holy Father to address the good of the Church and grow its missionary activity.

The Working Class Gets an Anthem—And We Should All Sing Along

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

Blue-collar America is not faring well, and neither political party seems to care. Although touting itself as “pro-worker,” the progressive left’s obsession with race, sexual attraction, gender identity, and expanding the legality of killing unborn children has relegated “class” to a distant back of the line. The market-worshiping right, on the other hand, has long […]