All the following Masses and devotion are being streamed live and then are posted onto the St. Joseph the Carpenter YouTube channel:

Friday, April 2 - Mass and First Friday Devotion at 10AM.
Saturday, April 3 - Mass and First Saturday Devotion at 10AM.
Palm Sunday, April 5 - Mass at 10AM.
Domingo de Ramos, Abril 5 - Misa a las 12Noon.
Holy Thursday, April 9 - Mass of the Lord's Supper at 7PM.
Good Friday, April 10 - Stations of the Cross at 12Noon.
Good Friday, April 10 - Celebration of the Passion of the Lord at 3PM.
Viernes Santo, 10 de abril - Celebración de la Pasión del Señor a las 7PM.
Holy Saturday, April 11 - Easter Vigil at 8PM.
Easter Sunday, April 12 - Mass at 10AM.
Domingo de Pascua, 12 de abril - Misa a las 12Noon.
YouTube Channel

I just wanted to say thank you so much to all who made generous donation to our parish in this difficult time for everyone. Please, be assured, that I will keep you and your family in my prayers and hope, that soon we can return to our regular way of worship.

Please, stay safe and healthy, and continue to pray the Rosary, so through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may be saved from coronavirus disease and protected by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God bless you,

Fr. Kris

If you are considering making a tax-deductible contribution to our parish, please visit our parish GoFundMe page: to make your contribution, or use our We Share site, or simply mail your envelopes to the Parish Office.

Activists for tolerance sink fundraiser for Christian bakers

Office of Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Newark
Holy Week in Time of Covid 19 (3/26/20)
The following has been prepared by the Office of Divine Worship of the Archdiocese of Newark for Holy Week in accordance with the Decree issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship, “In time of Covid-19” protocol number 153/20.

Lent and the Time Leading Up to Holy Week - Church Visitation
With the closing of all churches, church buildings should be locked. No public celebrations of the liturgy, devotions or exposition of the Blessed Sacrament may be held.


Churches may not be open for public prayer during the Paschal Triduum; no public liturgies or events may be scheduled. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is not permitted during the Paschal Triduum. This year, the Eucharist should remain in the tabernacle for the duration of the three days.

St. Joseph's YouTube Channel

For more live-streams and saved video from St. Joseph's celebrations please click here:

YouTube Channel


A Message from Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark, April 1, 2020

Spiritual Closeness in a Time of Social Distancing: Seven Suggestions

As Christians, we encounter Jesus in his people—our families and friends, our neighbors and fellow parishioners, our co-workers and school mates, even people we don’t know personally (strangers) who we come in contact with as we go about our daily lives. Jesus tells us that we find him in the “least of these” brothers and sisters (cf. Mt 25: 31-46), so being close to them means being close to him.

To read the whole letter from Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark, please click here or the image below. 

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark - Wikipedia

Un mensaje del Cardenal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Arzobispo de Newark, Abril 1, 2020 

Cercanía Espiritual en un Tiempo de Distanciamiento Social:

Siete Sugerencias, Como cristianos, encontramos a Jesús en su pueblo—nuestras familias y, amigos, nuestros vecinos y miembros de la comunidad parroquial, nuestros compañeros de trabajo y de escuela, incluso en las personas que no conocemos personalmente (extraños) con quienes entramos en, contacto a medida que desarrollamos nuestra vida diaria. Jesús nos dice que lo encontramos en los "más humildes" hermanos y hermanas (cf. Mt 25: 31-46), por lo que estar cerca de ellos significa estar cerca de él.

Para leer toda la carta del Cardenal Joseph W. Tobin, C.SS.R., Arzobispo de Newark, por favor haga clic aquí o en la imagen de abajo.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark - Wikipedia

Online Giving

WeShare Online Giving

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Joseph,

You can now make your recurring or one-time donations to St. Joseph online, not only from your PC or Mac, but also right from your tablet or Smartphone. By becoming a member of online givers and supporters of our parish, you also can change the method of your payment, credit card or bank account information, view your entire giving history, and edit your personal information and password.

Want to take a look? Want to help the Church of St. Joseph the Carpenter? Simply click the icon above for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Rejoice in the Lord by Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark

Cardinal Tobin: African priests, religious in U.S. make ...

We should not distance ourselves from solidarity with each other.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For me, the decision to suspend all public celebrations of the Mass, schools and other gatherings in the Archdiocese of Newark due to the coronavirus was a painful one. As you’re aware, Catholics have been dispensed from their Sunday obligation, and all public forms of worship are suspended, including previously scheduled confirmations, first communions and penitential services. Baptisms, funerals, burials and previously scheduled weddings must be postponed until further notice. All churches and adoration chapels must be closed and locked until further notice. Private prayer in any parish building must be discontinued until further notice.

We suspended on-site operations in our Catholic elementary and high schools, shifting to online teaching. So far, the reports from parents and staff have been positive. We are committed to paying teacher salaries and not eliminating any jobs during this temporary shutdown.

-- Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark.

Click here for full text and current issue.

No debemos distanciarnos de la solidaridad entre nosotros

Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas en Cristo,

Para mí, la decisión de suspender todas las celebraciones públicas de la Misa, escuelas y otras reuniones en la Arquidiócesis de Newark debido al coronavirus fue dolorosa. Como ustedes saben, los Católicos han sido dispensados de su obligación dominical, y todas las formas públicas de adoración ahora están suspendidas, incluyendo confirmaciones previamente programadas, primeras comuniones y servicios penitenciales. Bautizos, funerales, entierros y bodas previamente programadas, tienen que ser pospuestos hasta nuevo aviso. La oración privada en cualquier edificio parroquial debe interrumpirse hasta nuevo aviso.

Hemos suspendido las operaciones in situ en nuestras escuelas Católicas primarias y secundarias, cambiando a la enseñanza en línea. Hasta ahora, los informes de los padres y el personal han sido positivos. Estamos comprometidos a pagar los salarios de los maestros y no eliminar ningún trabajo
durante este cierre temporal.

-- Cardenal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., Arzobispo de Newark.

The Archdiocese of Newark’s Coronavirus Task Force NEW DIRECTIVES effective March 25, 2020

The Archdiocese of Newark’s Coronavirus Task Force continues to monitor the ongoing pandemic situation and to aggregate guiding information from federal, state and local officials. Based on the latest information shared publicly, the following are the new directives issued by Cardinal Tobin for the Archdiocese of Newark and a reminder of his prior directives still in effect.

NEW DIRECTIVES effective March 25, 2020:

· Wakes and funerals must be postponed until further notice. There are no exceptions to this, regardless of the size of the group. Burials may take place with only the priest.

· All baptisms must be postponed until further notice with the exception of an extreme emergency.

· All weddings are postponed until further notice.

· The Sacrament of Reconciliation is suspended until further notice with the exception of an extreme emergency.

· All churches and adoration chapels must be closed and locked until further notice. Private prayer in any parish building must be discontinued until further notice.

· Parish offices must be closed until further notice. Employees who provide essential services should be limited and on staggered schedules.

· Pastors should see that the Blessed Sacrament is renewed in tabernacles regularly from celebrations of private Masses.

The following directives REMAIN IN FORCE since March 18, 2020:

· All public celebrations of daily and Sunday Mass suspended until further notice.

· All public celebrations of the Sacraments and other public forms of worship suspended until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, previously scheduled Confirmations, celebrations of First Communion, penitential services, Communion services, and Liturgies of the Word.

· Anointing of the Sick: A priest may use a cotton-tipped swab or cotton ball as an instrument to anoint the sick person.

· Holy Water should be removed from all fonts.

· Celebrations of Mass should continue via live-streaming. Contributions also are gratefully accepted through usual channels including mailed envelopes, other online giving, Annual Appeal, etc.

· The Archdiocesan Center remains closed with limited and staggering of hours.

· Catholic Schools remain closed as directed by the State of New Jersey.

· All Archdiocese of Newark Catechetical education and events sponsored by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) are suspended.

Anyone who has had direct exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19 is advised to carefully follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding isolation and quarantine protocols.

Archdiocesan employees will continue to work remotely, and should consult their supervisors for further guidance and to determine work assignments.

We encourage you to continue to visit for accurate and updated information available to the residents of New Jersey. Also, please monitor our website at and follow the Archdiocese of Newark’s social media channels @NwkArchdiocese for archdiocesan related announcements.

We continue to keep all affected individuals, families, first responders, and especially those on the front lines in our prayers throughout the coming days. Thank you.


My Dear Parishioners,

During this time of crisis and uncertainty in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when our churches are closed and devotions not practiced publicly, we need to resist fear and anxiety, and stay strong in our faith. St. Paul reminds us in his Letter to the Philippians to “have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (4:6). We are hopeful, that the Risen Lord will “dispel wickedness, wash faults away, restore innocence to the fallen, and joy to mourners” (Easter Proclamation). 
Please, stay close to Jesus and the Blessed Mother in prayer, asking that those who are suffering from the disease or from any related anxiety may find healing and peace.
Putting trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am asking all of you to please support our parish financially. We are partnering with the team at GoFundMe, a leading online giving organization, to provide one online platform to cover the critical needs of our parish community during the Coronavirus (COVID􏰁19) pandemic. Please consider making a tax􏰁deductible contribution to our parish. Visit our parish GoFundMe page.
You can also make donation to St. Joseph from your PC or Mac, right from your tablet or smartphone, using our online giving service WeShare.
In a special way I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to all who already made generous donations to our parish in this difficult time. Be assured, that I will keep you and your families in my prayers, and hope, that soon we can return to our regular way of worship. Until then, our parish will continue to livestream Sunday Masses at 10AM and the celebrations of devotions and special services at St. Joseph’s YouTube Channel. For the detailed schedule, please consult our parish website or bulletin. We also have a simple mirror site, in case something goes wrong. 
The intention of the Masses which you requested for your beloved ones, are being remembered at my private celebration of the Eucharist on a daily basis.
For more info and the latest news please check this site often, or call us at 908􏰁-241􏰁-1250. You can also contact us through parish email: [email protected].
If you are using our parish app, you need to update it to the newest version:
Please, be safe and healthy, and continue to pray the Rosary, so through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may be saved from coronavirus disease and protected by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May St. Joseph, guardian and protector of the Holy Family, pray for us.

With steadfast prayer and thanksgiving,

Fr. Kris

“We glory in tribulations” (Rom. 5:3). Spiritual Resources from the Internet.

You may have heard the term spiritual communion used frequently in recent weeks. This term means that through our prayers we express our relationship with Christ and our desire for a deeper union with him. This understanding has long been a part of our Church's tradition. Through baptism, we are already united with Christ as sons and daughters of God. In the Eucharist, we experience a unique union with Christ, by receiving him both physically and spiritually into ourselves. To read more go to LPi website. 


To read “We Glory in Tribulations” – Living the Faith When Public Worship is Prohibited, please go to Gloria Dei site.

Message on the Combat against the Coronavirus, COVID-19 from Cardinal Burke go to the official site of His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke.

Juan Diego's Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe offered by Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe,
Queen of the Angels and Mother of the Americas.
We fly to you today as your beloved children.
We ask you to intercede for us with your Son,
as you did at the wedding in Cana.
Pray for us, loving Mother,
and gain for our nation and world,
and for all our families and loved ones,
the protection of your holy angels,
that we may be spared the worst of this illness.
For those already afflicted,
we ask you to obtain the grace of healing and deliverance.
Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful,
wipe away their tears and help them to trust.
In this time of trial and testing,
teach all of us in the Church to love one another and to be patient and kind.
Help us to bring the peace of Jesus to our land and to our hearts.
We come to you with confidence,
knowing that you truly are our compassionate mother,
health of the sick and cause of our joy.
Shelter us under the mantle of your protection,
keep us in the embrace of your arms,
help us always to know the love of your Son, Jesus.


Located at the corner of East Third Avenue and Walnut Street in Roselle, New Jersey the parish was founded in 1895 and has served the people of Roselle and Roselle Park ever since. The parish also has an elementary school, serving the community since 1913, providing classes from Pre-K through the 8th Grade. Our Rectory is located at 157 East Fourth Avenue, behind the church, our school is next to the church on East Third Avenue. We invite you and your family to join us because we are

More Than a Church, We are a Pilgrim People!

If you would like to join the parish please click on the Parish Registration Form box below. Follow the directions to register your family and become a part of the Saint Joseph's Roselle family!

General Info

Church Location
160 East 3rd Avenue
Roselle, New Jersey 07203

Parish Office
157 East 4th Ave.
Roselle, NJ 07203
Tel: 908-241-1250
Fax: 908-241-6311

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Parish email:
[email protected]


FORMED Daily Flyer

Pick of the Week

Mass Times

Daily (Monday to Saturday) 8:00 AM
Saturday Vigil Masses:
5:00 PM, 7:00 PM in Spanish
Sundays: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM & 12 Noon
First Friday Adoration - 8:30 AM
First Saturday Devotion - 8:30 AM
Holy Days - As Announced
Monday - Friday after 8 AM Mass
Saturday 4:00 - 4:30 PM

Saint of the Day

Saint Francis of Paola

Image: Saint Francis of Paula holding a walking stick and looking | Engraving | Wellcome ImagesSaint Francis of Paola

Saint of the Day for April 2

Read More

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Dr. Krzysztof K. Maslowski, Pastor

Halina Pieklo, Parish Office Administrator 908-241-1250

Arthur Kazmierczak, Receptionist 908-241-1250

Deborah Biddulph, CCD Coordinator 908-245-6560

Anthony Esposito, RCIA Coordinator 908-241-1250

Salvador Alberto Montalvo, Music Director 908-267-7853

Patrick Mullen, St. Joseph School Principal 908-245-6560

Donna Crowley, Early Childhood 908-245-0569

Knights of Columbus

US Flag 

For more info ON ROSELLE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ST. JOSEPH THE CARPENTER COUNCIL #3946 please click here or on the logo. 


Our COUNCIL MEETINGS are held on 2ND Tuesday of the month, at 7:30PM in Bethany Hall (next to the Rectory), located at 157 E. 4th Ave, Roselle, NJ  07203.

Worshiping at home during Holy Week


DAILY MASS on April 3 and 4 at 10:00 A.M. - livestream


April 3, at 10:30 A.M. - livestream


April 4, at 10:30 A.M. - livestream




Mass  10:00 A.M., 12:00 NOON in Spanish - livestream


Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7:00 P.M. - livestream


Stations of the Cross at 12NOON - livestream 

Liturgy of the Passion & Death of the Lord: 3:00 P.M., 7:00 P.M. (In Spanish) - livestream


Easter Vigil Mass: 8:00 P.M. - livestream


Mass 10:00 A.M., 12:00 NOON (In Spanish) - livestream


The St. Joseph Phone App is now available! Download the APP on your phone and get the latest news of the Parish as well as daily readings, bulletin, Mass schedules, Sacramental information and forms, and upcoming events at the Parish.            

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Daily Readings

Mission Statement Of The Archdiocese Of Newark

Archdiocese of Newark

We, The Church in the Archdiocese of Newark, are Catholic Christians who recognize and acknowledge in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, the expression of the Father’s gift of love for all people. Empowered by the Spirit of the risen Christ, we are called, as individuals and as a community, to be living witnesses of Christ’s presence and His ongoing mission in our society. (1 John 4:9:11). Click here to go to our website.


We welcome all who join us for worship and invite you to become part of our parish family. We encourage you to full and active
participation in our parish life. New members are asked to register by contacting the parish office. Registration to our parish is necessary for admission to our Religious Education program and reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, First Penance, First Eucharist, Confirmation and Matrimony, and also for anyone needing letters of sponsorship for Baptism or Confirmation. You can download Registration Form right here. 




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Liturgical Year

Apr. 2 Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent; Optional Memorial of St. Francis of Paola, hermit, Opt. Mem.

St. Francis was born at Paula in Calabria; after living as a hermit for five years (from the age of fourteen to nineteen) he gathered around him some companions with whom he led the religious life. This was the origin of a new order, to which he gave the name of Minims, that is "the least" in the house of God. Pope Sixtus IV sent him to France to help Louis XI on his deathbed. He remained there and founded a house of his Minims at Tours.

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Apr. 1 Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent, Weekday

"One of the scribes came to Jesus and asked him, "Which is the first of all the commandments?" Jesus replied, "The first is this: Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is Lord alone! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. (Mk 12:28)."

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Mar. 31 Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent, Weekday

Like the Pharisees we are quick to condemn the faults of others, often as a means of justifying ourselves. We cannot expect Christ to approve self-righteous indignation at our neighbor's weakness. He gives us the example of prudent silence and the incontrovertible principle: "He that is without sin . . . let him first cast a stone." In the face of these words and the consciousness of our own sinfulness, do we dare to condemn another? We have need to remember that only God can read the heart of man and that He alone can judge the guilt or merit of an action.

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Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus, Catastrophe, and Contingency

The coronavirus and other catastrophes are but dramatic examples of a general truth about the nature of things, a truth that we all know in our bones but that we choose, typically, to cover up or overlook.

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Bishop Barron on Loving an Enemy This Lent

The Church recommends three great spiritual practices for Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. But the readings during Lent suggest a fourth great practice: the forgiveness of one’s enemy.

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Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus Quarantine

Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” This Pascalian “mot” has come to my mind a good deal in recent days as our entire country goes into shutdown mode due to the coronavirus. Perhaps we could all think of this time of semi-quarantine as an invitation to some monastic introspection, some serious confrontation with the questions that matter—some purposeful sitting alone in a room.

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Tragedy, Contingency, and a Deeper Sense of God

I have lived in Santa Barbara, California for the past four years. In that brief time, my neighbors and I have experienced a number of real tragedies. Just over two years ago, the terrible Thomas Fire broke out in my pastoral region, in the vicinity of Thomas Aquinas College (hence the name). For a frightening month it made its devastating way from Santa Paula through Ventura, Carpenteria, Montecito, and eventually commenced to devour the foliage on the hills just north of my home. As I was standing one Saturday morning on my front lawn, staring uneasily at the flames, a retired fire captain stopped his car and yelled out the window, “Bishop, what are you still doing here? Embers are flying everywhere; this whole neighborhood could go up.” We were all relieved when, just days later, rains finally came and doused the flames. But that welcome rain became, in short…

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La tragedia, la contingencia y un sentido más profundo de Dios

He vivido en Santa Bárbara, California, durante los últimos cuatro años. En ese breve tiempo, mis vecinos y yo hemos experimentado una serie de tragedias reales. Hace poco más de dos años, el terrible incendio Thomas estalló en mi región pastoral, en las cercanías del Colegio Santo Tomás de Aquino (en inglés Thomas Aquinas College, de ahí el nombre). Durante un mes espantoso hizo su devastador camino desde Santa Paula a través de Ventura, Carpenteria, Montecito, y finalmente comenzó a devorar el follaje de las colinas justo al norte de mi casa. Un sábado por la mañana, mientras estaba de pie en mi jardín delantero, mirando fijamente las llamas, un capitán de bomberos retirado detuvo su coche y gritó por la ventana: “Monseñor, ¿qué hace todavía aquí? las brasas están volando por todas partes; todo el vecindario podría incendiarse”. Todos nos sentimos aliviados cuando, unos días después, las lluvias finalmente…

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The Coronavirus and Sitting Quietly in a Room Alone

Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” The great seventeenth-century philosopher thought that most of us, most of the time, distract ourselves from what truly matters through a series of divertissements (diversions). He was speaking from experience. Though one of the brightest men of his age and one of the pioneers of the modern physical sciences and of computer technology, Pascal frittered away a good deal of his time through gambling and other trivial pursuits. In a way, he knew, such diversions are understandable, since the great questions—Does God exist? Why am I here? Is there life after death?—are indeed overwhelming. But if we are to live in a serious and integrated way, they must be confronted—and this is why, if we want our most fundamental problems to be resolved, we must be willing to spend time in a…

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Pope’s April intention: For those suffering from addictions

In today's world, Pope Francis notes, addictions have expanded into the "dangers of virtual space"

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Anthony Fauci, product of Catholic education, oversees pandemic response

Infectious Diseases chief credits Jesuits for helping him explain complex situations in lay terms.

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These Dominicans are live-streaming “The Quarantine Lectures”

You thought there were already enough online spiritual resources, but the Dominicans of the Thomistic Institute have another idea.

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Catholic World Report

“Star Trek: Picard” leans on nostalgia, pulls its punches

Star Trek hasn’t been very good for decades, and it got much worse in 2017, when CBS made an attempt to go woke with the series Discovery. The show had all the strong female protagonists, [...]

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Recalling St John Paul II’s seven visits to the United States

CNA Staff, Apr 2, 2020 / 10:02 am (CNA).- St. John Paul II was the most traveled pope in history, logging some 700,000 miles and visiting nearly 130 countries. One of the first countries the [...]

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John Paul II embraced his suffering with love: Cardinal reflects 15 years after saint’s death

Vatican City, Apr 2, 2020 / 11:00 am (CNA).- Pope St. John Paul II embraced suffering with love, even during his illness, a cardinal and the archpriest of St. Peter’s Basilica said on the 15th anniversary of the saint’s death.

The spread o... [...]

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Decent Films

Coronavirus Quarantine Streaming Options for Lent and Easter (and More)

In the last few weeks, articles about movies to stream while sheltering in place during your coronavirus quarantine have proliferated across the internet almost as fast as the virus has spread around the world. What makes this article different?

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The Way Back

The Way Back blends the beats of two familiar genres, the underdog sports movie and the addiction and recovery movie, in the process finding a rhythm that feels at once familiar and not quite like anything I’ve seen before.

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Pixar’s movies tend to play as metaphors for the creative rise and fall of Pixar itself. When someone says “Maybe this place isn’t as adventurous as it used to be,” it’s hard not to hear an echo of the filmmakers’ voices.

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CNS Movie Reviews

Corpus Christi

Update: I Am Patrick


Crisis Magazine

Cyrus Habib and the Jesuits: Birds of a Feather?

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State followed in the steps of New York and California to issue a statewide stay-at-home order, effective March 24, for a period of two weeks. In the midst of a complete shutdown of economic and social life and the rising number of cases and deaths in the state of Washington, Catholics […]

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Teaching on COVID Time

England declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, just two days after the Nazis invaded Poland. It became a live question, with the Michaelmas term about to begin, whether universities in England should continue to carry out their essential task of learning. For at universities (and any educational institution) students learn (presumably!), and they […]

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This Isn’t Our First Plague

Christendom has seen a plague or two in its day. On more than one occasion a worse pestilence than that which we now face has plunged the West into chaos, or brought it to a grinding halt. In every extraordinary time, however, the Church has remained semper idem and has remained, at the very least, […]

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National Catholic Register

A Pilgrimage to Rome’s Few Open Churches During Quarantine

By Edward Pentin | Not much of Rome is open during this period of quarantine, but are any of the city’s nearly 400 churches?

To find out, I briefly took a short break from our quasi-house arrest to seek out some open churches,...

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Did China Use Slave Labor to Keep Factories Open During Coronavirus?

By Matt Hadro/CNA. | WASHINGTON, D.C. — Chinese authorities have been accused of forcing Muslim Uyghurs to work in factories as the coronavirus pandemic spread in the country. One religious freedom...

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Preparing for an Atypical Holy Week

By Fr. Roger Landry | This Lent has been one few of us will ever forget.

On Ash Wednesday, we were marked with ashes and reminded that we are dust and unto dust we shall return. Few of us realized just how Lent would become an...

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ZENIT: The World Seen from Rome

Collection for the Holy Land Deferred to September 13

Cancelled for Good Friday Given the Pandemic

The post Collection for the Holy Land Deferred to September 13 appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Look & Pray to St. Teresa of Calcutta (Full Text of Pope Francis’ Morning Homily)

At Casa Santa Marta, Prays for the Homeless & Those Hidden in Cracks of Society

The post Look & Pray to St. Teresa of Calcutta (Full Text of Pope Francis’ Morning Homily) appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni Gives Update on COVID19 Cases in Vatican

'Another Vatican employee has tested positive and has been self isolating ever since his wife, who works in an Italian hospital, tested positive...'

The post Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni Gives Update on COVID19 Cases in Vatican appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Catholic World News

Judges block states from limiting access to abortions during CO19 pandemic (Wall Street Journal)

“Federal judges for now blocked Texas, Ohio and Alabama from curbing most abortions amid the new coronavirus pandemic, after the states recently cited the need to preserve medical equipment and public health as reasons to halt the procedure,” the report begins.

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Citing religious freedom, Denver man files suit challenging state, city stay-at-home orders (Colorado Politics)

The lawsuit states, “As a result of the Orders listed above that restrict the gathering of more than ten people at a time, the plaintiff’s parish has ceased conducting weekly Mass, has ceased offering the Eucharist, and has ceased hearing confessions. The defendants’ conduct has impaired the plaintiff’s ability to freely exercise his religious faith, in violation of the First Amendment.”

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As Wuhan restrictions ease, authorities forbid churches to reopen (UCANews)

“The Communist government has not permitted churches to open for regular liturgical programs on grounds that the concentration of people could cause a relapse of COVID-19,” according to a local priest.

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