Located at the corner of East Third Avenue and Walnut Street in Roselle, New Jersey the parish was founded in 1895 and has served the people of Roselle and Roselle Park ever since. The parish also has an elementary school, serving the community since 1913, providing classes from Pre-K through the 8th Grade. Our Rectory is located at 157 East Fourth Avenue, behind the church, our school is next to the church on East Third Avenue. We invite you and your family to join us because we are

More Than a Church, We are a Pilgrim People!

If you would like to join the parish please click on the Parish Registration Form box below. Follow the directions to register your family and become a part of the Saint Joseph's Roselle family!

General Info

Church Location
160 East 3rd Avenue
Roselle, New Jersey 07203

Parish Office
157 East 4th Ave.
Roselle, NJ 07203
Tel: 908-241-1250
Fax: 908-241-6311

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Parish email:
[email protected]

Knights of Columbus

US Flag 

For more info ON ROSELLE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ST. JOSEPH THE CARPENTER COUNCIL #3946 please click here or on the logo. 


Our COUNCIL MEETINGS are held on 2ND Tuesday of the month, at 7:30PM in Bethany Hall (next to the Rectory), located at 157 E. 4th Ave, Roselle, NJ  07203.

Mass Times

Daily (Monday to Saturday) 8:00 AM
Saturday Vigil Masses:
5:00 PM, 7:00 PM in Spanish
Sundays: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM & 12 Noon
First Friday Adoration - 8:30 AM
First Saturday Devotion - 8:30 AM
Holy Days - As Announced
Monday - Friday after 8 AM Mass
Saturday 4:00 - 4:30 PM

Saint of the Day

Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto

Image: Photo of Lúcia Santos, Francisco and Jacinta Marto | photo by Joshua Benoliel

Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto

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Pastoral Staff

Rev. Dr. Krzysztof K. Maslowski, Pastor

Halina Pieklo, Parish Office Administrator 908-241-1250

Arthur Kazmierczak, Receptionist 908-241-1250

Deborah Biddulph, CCD Coordinator 908-245-6560

Anthony Esposito, RCIA Coordinator 908-241-1250

Salvador Alberto Montalvo, Music Director 908-267-7853

Patrick Mullen, St. Joseph School Principal 908-245-6560

Donna Crowley, Early Childhood 908-245-0569


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Please text the following to get the APP:

SJC1 to 555888 for Apple phones

SJC2 to 555888 for Android phones

Mission Statement Of The Archdiocese Of Newark

Archdiocese of Newark

We, The Church in the Archdiocese of Newark, are Catholic Christians who recognize and acknowledge in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, the expression of the Father’s gift of love for all people. Empowered by the Spirit of the risen Christ, we are called, as individuals and as a community, to be living witnesses of Christ’s presence and His ongoing mission in our society. (1 John 4:9:11). Click here to go to our website.

Parish Bulletin

  • Sun, Feb 23rd
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Jesus Public Ministry Begins (Part1)

Jesus' public ministry begins in Matthew 4 and it mentions 2 regions: Naphtali and Zebulun. But, why does Matthew emphasize that Jesus' public ministry begins in these two regions? And, what can Isaiah's prophecy about these two regions tell us about what Matthew is emphasizing? Check out this above video to learn about the beginning and the ending of the Assyrian exile and why that is meaningful for where Jesus' public ministry begins.

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We welcome all who join us for worship and invite you to become part of our parish family. We encourage you to full and active
participation in our parish life. New members are asked to register by contacting the parish office. Registration to our parish is necessary for admission to our Religious Education program and reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, First Penance, First Eucharist, Confirmation and Matrimony, and also for anyone needing letters of sponsorship for Baptism or Confirmation. You can download Registration Form right here. 

Online Giving

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Joseph,

You can now make your recurring or one-time donations to St. Joseph online, not only from your PC or Mac, but also right from your tablet or Smartphone. By becoming a member of online givers and supporters of our parish, you also can change the method of your payment, credit card or bank account information, view your entire giving history, and edit your personal information and password.

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Special Intention / In Memory of Your Loved One

Weekday Mass Intention    Donation $15
Weekend Mass Intention   Donation $20
Bread & Wine   Donation $25
Sanctuary Candle   Donation $25
Altar Flowers   Donation $50

Liturgical Year

Feb. 20 Thursday of the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time; Sts. Francisco & Jacinta Marto (Portugal), Weekday

Franciso and Jacinta Marto were officially declared saints of the Catholic Church by Pope Francis on May 13, 2017, in Fatima, Portugal. The brother and sister who tended to their families' sheep with their cousin Lucia Santo in the fields of Fatima, witnessed the apparitions of Mary, now commonly known as Our Lady of Fatima. Pope John Paul II beatified Francisco and Jacinta May 13, 2000, on the 83rd anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima. Both under 12 years old, they were the youngest non-martyrs to be beatified in the history of the Church.

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Feb. 19 Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time, Weekday

Historically today is the feast of St. Conrad of Piacenza, a friar and hermit celebrated for piety and miraculous cures at Noto in Sicily and St. Gabinus, brother of Pope St. Caius, father of St. Susanna, who was ordained in his old age.

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Feb. 18 Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Ordinary Time, Weekday

According to the 1962 Missal of St. John XXIII the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, today is the feast of St. Simeon, bishop and martyr. He was successor to the apostle St. James in the See of Jerusalem and was arrested and probably crucified in about A.D. 110, under the emperor Trajan. He ruled over the Church of Jerusalem for forty years.

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Bishop Barron on Praying at the Tomb of St. Paul

In this new video commentary, I reflect on my recent visit to the tomb of St. Paul. As I knelt and prayed on that spot, wearing the full liturgical regalia of a successor of the Apostles, I had a certain feeling of unworthiness. But then as I prayed further, I was reminded of how often Paul himself felt unworthy.

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Bishop Barron on Spending Time with His Spiritual Father

In this new video commentary, I reflect on my “ad limina” visit with Pope Francis on January 27. It would be impossible to summarize what turned out to be a three-hour conversation with the Holy Father, but there were three dominant themes that emerged.

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Bishop Barron on the Three Essential Elements of the Church

Joseph Ratzinger said that the Church performs three basic tasks. We can also read off of these categories typical distortions in the life of the Church.

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What Is Synodality?

It was a great privilege for me to participate in the Synod on Young People in the fall of 2018. Along with about three hundred other bishops and ecclesial experts from around the world, I spent four weeks in Rome exploring the complex question of the Church’s outreach to the young. About three weeks into the Synod process, a sub-committee of writers presented a preliminary text, meant to reflect our deliberations, questions, and decisions to that point. This draft represented, for the most part, an accurate account of our work, but there were a few pages that troubled a number of us. More or less out of the blue, a vigorous defense of “synodality” appeared in the text, though we had never, either in general session or in the small language groups, so much as discussed the theme. Moreover, the language was so imprecise that it…

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¿Qué es la sinodalidad?

Fue un gran privilegio para mí participar en el Sínodo sobre los Jóvenes en el otoño de 2018. Junto con unos trescientos obispos y expertos eclesiásticos de todo el mundo, pasé cuatro semanas en Roma explorando la compleja cuestión del alcance misionero de la Iglesia a los jóvenes. Alrededor de tres semanas después del proceso del Sínodo, un subcomité de redactores presentó un texto preliminar, con el fin de reflejar nuestras deliberaciones, preguntas y decisiones hasta ese momento. Este borrador representaba, en su mayor parte, un relato exacto de nuestro trabajo, pero había algunas páginas que nos preocupaban a varios de nosotros. Más o menos de improviso, una vigorosa defensa de la “sinodalidad” apareció en el texto, aunque nunca, ni en la sesión general ni en los pequeños grupos lingüísticos, habíamos discutido mucho sobre el tema. Además, el lenguaje era tan impreciso que daba la impresión de que la…

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The Ratzingerian Constants and the Maintenance of Harmony in the Church

Some years ago, my friend Msgr. Francis Mannion wrote an article concerning the three essential features of the Eucharistic liturgy—namely, the priest, the rite, and the people. When these elements are in proper balance, rightly ordered liturgy obtains. Further, from these categories, he argued, we can discern the three typical distortions of the liturgy: clericalism (too much of the priest), ritualism (a fussy hyper-focus on the rite), and congregationalism (a disproportionate emphasis on the people). It was one of those observations that just manages to spread light in every direction. A similarly illuminating remark was made by Pope Benedict XVI concerning the work of the Church, and I would like to spend a little time exploring it. Papa Ratzinger said that the Church performs three basic tasks: it worships God, it evangelizes, and it serves the poor. The religious activities of over a billion Catholics around the globe, he maintained,…

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News from Vatican

Syria: Church perseveres in spite of war

Archbishop Samir Nassar, of the Maronites (Syria) speaks on the presence of the Church in war-torn Syria.

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Indian Church urges government to stop pseudo nationalism

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) released a statement on Feb. 19 at the end of its 34th plenary assembly, calling for dialogue, reciprocal respect and collaboration among the country’s religious traditions and cultures for the common good.

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Fr Joulain: Protection of minors is not about a witch-hunt

A specialist on sexual and spiritual abuse discusses the progress made one year after the Vatican held a top-level meeting on the Protection of Minors in the Church.

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Jacinta and Francisco: The Church’s youngest non-martyr saints

These sweet siblings were normal kids: mischievous, known to pout ... but greatly in love with Mary and her Son

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The Catholic Church’s new tool for ending hunger: machine learning

Catholic Relief Services tested the program in one of Africa's hardest-hit countries to predict where aid should go.

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Grieving pizza delivery driver gets surprise hug by toddler

His daughter died the week before so this random act of kindness meant the world to Ryan Catterson.

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Catholic World Report

What to expect when Vatican archives on Venerable Pius XII open in March

Vatican City, Feb 20, 2020 / 11:32 am (CNA).- The Vatican’s archives on the pontificate of Venerable Pius XII will become available for study March 2, possibly bringing to light new information about the pope’s actions during World War II.

... [...]

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Tennessee governor denies clemency to death row ‘model inmate’

Knoxville, Tenn., Feb 20, 2020 / 11:00 am (CNA).- The governor of Tennessee has denied a clemency request for a condemned prisoner described as a “model inmate,” clearing the way for his execution on Thursday, February 20. The decision was ... [...]

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Pope Francis urges Catholic educators to teach inclusive integral ecology

Vatican City, Feb 20, 2020 / 10:08 am (CNA).- Pope Francis called for an educational revolution Thursday, telling the Congregation for Catholic Education that more effort needs to be made to accelerate the inclusiveness of education.

Ecology and fraternity are an integral part of education, Pope Francis told the Catholic education leaders ahead of the pope’s Global Compact on Education taking place May 14.

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Decent Films

Parasite [video]

Bong Joon-Ho’s brilliantly constructed art-house hit is the most powerful of this year’s many takes on the theme of haves and have-nots.

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Little Women [video]

Is there anything new to say about Louisa May Alcott’s beloved, much-adapted classic? Thrillingly, Greta Gerwig finds that there is.

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Marriage Story [video]

Noah Baumbach tells persuasive stories about unhappy families. This is one of his most insightful.

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CNS Movie Reviews

The Call of the Wild

Sonic the Hedgehog

Fantasy Island

Crisis Magazine

The Equal Rights Amendment is a Scam

On February 13, 2020, the House of Representatives passed the dull-sounding H.J. Res 79. Despite its name, this resolution indicates a dangerous attempt to disregard constitutional order and states’ rights for the purpose of codifying a progressive dogma: the alleged “right” to abortion. For progressives, the inconvenient truth is that abortion rights in America stand […]

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A Catholic Style Guide

A colleague at the Catholic high school where I teach approached me recently with a question. Girls at our school, he said, often dress immodestly. What could he do? He had studied Church documents and read lay publications that deplored the modern degeneration of women’s fashions. Some of these documents cite evidence of a Masonic […]

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The Pro-Choice Fallacy

When asked about the political plight of pro-life Democrats, presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg responded with what I call the “pro-choice fallacy.” According to Mr. Buttigieg, “I know that the difference of opinion that you and I have is one that we have come by honestly, and the best I can offer… is that if we […]

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Commentary on the Culture

This RSS Feed has been discontinued!

We have consolidated all of our blogs into a single feed. Visit the link to see all available feeds.

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National Catholic Register

Under New Australian Law, Assisted Suicide Applications Higher Than Expected

By Catholic News Agency | MELBOURNE, Australia — A total of 52 people in the Australian state of Victoria ended their lives by doctor-assisted suicide in the first six months since the state’s...

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Diocese of Harrisburg Files for Bankruptcy Amid New Sex Abuse Lawsuits

By Mary Rezac/CNA. | HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania announced Wednesday that it is filing for bankruptcy.

A landslide of clergy abuse lawsuits have been filed...

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UK Health Service Clarifies Policy to Deny Care to ‘Homophobic’ Patients

By Christine Rousselle/CNA. | LONDON, England — Britain’s National Health Service has clarified a new policy that will allow patients found to be homophoic, racist, and sexist to be denied...

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ZENIT: The World Seen from Rome

Catechist Killed in the North of Burkina Faso

3 of 6 Parishes in Diocese of Dori Closed Due to Terrorism

The post Catechist Killed in the North of Burkina Faso appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Archbishop Follo: Love is Always a ‘Duty’ and Hate is Never a ‘Right’

With the wish to understand that who receives Christ in his own life and loves Him by all his heart is capable of a new beginning, of loving the enemies too

The post Archbishop Follo: Love is Always a ‘Duty’ and Hate is Never a ‘Right’ appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Bishops of Philippines Issue Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19 for Lent

Sprinkling of Ashes on Crown of Head Instead of Marking Forehead with a Cross to Avoid Body Contact

The post Bishops of Philippines Issue Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19 for Lent appeared first on ZENIT - English.

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Catholic World News

Cardinal Becciu denies use of charity money for London property deal (CNS)

Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu oversaw the internal affairs of the Roman Curia as Substitute (Sostituto) of the Secretariat of State from 2011 to 2018. Pope Francis created him a cardinal in the 2018 consistory, and Cardinal Becciu is now Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

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Fight against bonded labor, India's bishops urge (International Catholic Migration Commission)

“In India, some 40 million children, women and men are trapped in bonded labor, a form of modern-day slavery,” according to the report. “Despite being outlawed, the practice, also known as debt bondage, remains common … Individuals [are] unable to pay off debts they have contracted, and their families are forced to work for little or no salary, often for generations.”

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Bishop laments lack of security in Nigeria (Fides)

“Human beings are being slaughtered regularly by terrorists who are suspected to have targeted the Christians,” said Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafo of Awka. “Security of life and property can no longer be guaranteed in Nigeria.” The nation of 209 million (map), the most populous in Africa, is 46% Muslim, 46% Christian (36% Protestant, 10% Catholic), and 7% ethnic religionist.

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